CACLM’s business is to provide an umbrella organisation to assist, advise and support its members and associated law firms, in facilitating and successful litigating various classes (types) of national and international ‘class action’ lawsuits.

Such legal actions are prosecuted against corporate giants and governments, who are responsible for causing injustices and financial loss to their consumers or citizens, but who have the financial clout or political power to duck their responsibilities.

CACLM, its members and associates work on behalf of sections of the national or international general public, who as groups of private consumers under common circumstances, may have suffered loss and/or trauma through no fault of their own.

The sole aim is to provide them with help, compensation and redress, under any circumstances.

The term ‘Class Action’ has a wide interpretation and can be used to describe many different litigation circumstances.

They can be triggered for a plethora of reasons, prosecuted in numerous ways and can be governed under a multitude of regulatory conditions. However, the basic ingredients of a ‘Class Action’ are that:

  • at least several individuals have claims against the same entity or entities
  • the claims arise out of the same, similar or related circumstances
  • the claims give rise to substantial common issues of law or fact

CACLM’s founders and legal associates are established, specialist marketing, administration and legal companies and individuals, domiciled in the UK and Europe, who have become a cohesive cooperative to be a focal point for the industry.

For many years, they had operated successfully as separate entities within the legal industry, limited only by their size and access to capital and a larger cooperative structure.

CACLM can now provide its members with help to further establish themselves, grow and be adequately financed, so as to more robustly take on huge conglomerates and governments who are responsible for causing injustices and financial loss to others.

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